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Seriously. With a tailored mindset strategy, shed the emptiness that often shadows big successes. Redefine growth on your terms. Experience joy, balance, and real achievement now.

Discover the missing piece in your entrepreneurial journey in  less time than it takes to make an Instagram Reel.

1:1 VIp Coaching with teila

— Emily, Photographer

Teila has an amazing way of taking what you’re saying on the surface level and asking more and more until you get to the real meat of the issue or topic. I never felt judged or uneasy sharing. I also could feel her excitement about what she does! Excited about helping others and that made me feel excited as well to make some big changes. I hope to keep working with Teila in the future! I cannot say enough great things about the work Teila does.

What women are saying:

are you DROWNing IN THE
NOISE of hustle culture?


Do you FEEl Empty even after
achieving a major milestone?

Hey entrepreneurs, trailblazers, and visionaries,

Then maybe It's time to

Discover success on your terms.

Let's redefine it together.



You're trapped between success and genuine happiness.

Success looks good externally but feels overwhelming internally.

Achieving business milestones feels empty.

Hustle culture defines your success.

Asking for help feels like defeat.

You equate success only with achievements.

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Change the way you do business forever.

Hey girl, I’m your mindset coach Teila, and let me tell you something: I've been there. When I first started my business, 

Have you been wasting time and money on coaching that isn’t addressing the real issue?

I thought if I knew more, things would magically change. I willingly handed my money over to the experts, but it wasn't solving my problems.

     I thought every problem was a knowledge problem. I was convinced any issue I was facing could be solved with the right _____(Insert coach, system, course).

Once I mastered how to solve my mindset problems, I finally stepped into the role I was always meant to have as the expert in my business.

You work hard for your money. You pour everything into seeing your business grow. If I could go back and get one do over, I would have learned how to master my mindset sooner. Mindset matters. It is the foundation you build everything else on in your business. Together, let's make it rock solid so growth is inevitable.

                         Then I learned something. It wasn't a lack of knowledge that was keeping me stuck, it was a lack of action. An action problem is a mindset problem. I promise.

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We are in this together. In addition to our 12 One to One sessions, you will have access to me via Voxer. You'll never have to worry about feeling stuck between calls. You will also receive a printable exit strategy during our final call, so you'll know what your next steps are.


Sounds like fun!

These 12 weeks are tailored specifically to you and your needs. During our onboarding call, we will do a deep dive into your goals and create a custom 12- week plan with just enough flexibility built in to meet your unique needs.

action plan

Ok, need this now!

Team up with me for 12 weeks to transform your business mindset through my breakthrough framework. This investment in yourself will empower you to know how to solve whatever problems come your way long after coaching is done.

A proven

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After our time together, you will feel confident in your ability to take on any challenges that come your way.

— Elizabeth k.

"Working with Teila was not only business-changing, but LIFE changing!"

• Weekly 60 min. One on One coaching calls over Zoom so you can get coached on what's happening in your life and business.

• Weekly Goals and tasks designed to keep you moving forward

• Access to Teila Via Voxer throughout the week to answer any questions that might come up

A custom Client Dashboard where all of your notes, progress, assignments and curriculum will be stored.

• A custom offboarding guide will be provided at the end of our time working together so you will be crystal clear on your next steps!

What's included:

I like to say I’m a mindset coach for skeptics because I used to be one.

During an intense time of medical difficulty for my family, I became acquainted with mindset work. Much to my surprise, it changed my life.

It took me years to discover just how much of a role mindset plays in a business’s success.

Ever since this discovery, I have been on a mission to create practical systems to help women business owners everywhere improve their mindsets, which results in a clearer purpose and more profit. With my 1: 1 coaching we get to do just that, together. We get to the root of what's holding you back using powerful, repeatable frameworks. So this system continues to work alongside you, even when I no longer do.

Mindset coach, efficiency nerd, and mama to 2

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