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You think you are the reason your business isn't growing.

You can't seem to implement what you're learning.

You are struggling to take action.

You're holding back on raising your prices.

Signs you've been putting off mindset coaching for too long.

Jess, like most of the women I coach, was struggling to see her own worth. She was making an impact, but could not make money.

When we first met, she tried to fix her “money issues” all the normal ways. She constantly changed price structures and then panicked no one would pay or thought she would offend current clients.

She purchased and tried different online courses. She was really, really trying to increase profits. She just didn’t know she was putting her time, money and energy into the wrong problem.

Jess had a LOT of big feelings and beliefs about money. She picked up some negative beliefs while growing up, some from her marriage, and some from her business experience.

But, at the heart of it, she believed her product wasn’t worth the price she was charging, and as a result, so did the people she was trying to sell to.

So we got to work. In a very short time, we squashed the money beliefs that kept her from succeeding. Would you believe it? She started making money.

She did not change her social media strategy. She did not go viral. She didn’t pay for any new marketing. She did however 4x her previous year's revenue in the first 6 months after working together!

When she believed her product was awesome and worth it, so did everyone else.

I have story after story just like this one. As a business owner, it is easy to misidentify internal problems as external ones. 

Like Jess, is your time, money and energy focused on the wrong problem? Work with me and I’ll make sure you are focused on the right problem every time. 

Jess is a talented business owner,
but always getting in her own way

Sound familiar?

Work with me!

I like to say I’m a mindset coach for skeptics because I used to be one.

During an intense time of medical difficulty for my family, I became acquainted with mindset work. Much to my surprise, it changed my life.

It took me years to discover just how much of a role mindset plays in a business’s success.

Ever since this discovery, I have been on a mission to create practical systems to help women business owners everywhere improve their mindsets, which results in a clearer purpose and more profit.

Mindset coach, efficiency nerd, and mama to 2

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After our time together, you will feel confident in your ability to take on any challenges that come your way.

— Bre.

"I can't even begin to tell you what sort of direction my business has taken! The tears came as I started to understand, with full clarity, what is being met in my personal and business life and how to succeed. I have all the steps I need and I'm excited for the future of my business, and my life!! "

— Heather, Brand Photographer

My business is still in the starting stages but I can already start to feel more confident in my abilities and I feel like I’m worth it, and worthy enough to make loads of money and have amazing success in my business!!! 

— Patti

Teila is a rockstar! She engages with me in positive and productive ways and I always feel like she has my best interest at heart. Her responses have been timely and thoughtful in helping me figure out my next right step. She has encouraged me to work on my upper limits of what I believe is possible, both in life and in business."