Now I’m helping women develop that relationship through mindset coaching. Women who have what it takes to build a multi-million-dollar business but aren’t making progress. Women who have amazing ideas but aren’t following through. Unique, brave, smart, amazing women—like you!

As a problem lover & solver, an enneagram 3 who is addicted to results, and a people person, mindset coaching is where all my talents and passions collide. Transforming women’s minds to believe in themselves more is the most fulfilling, meaningful work. 

I can’t wait to help you discover the version of yourself your business needs.

After holding myself back for years, I learned the most important business relationship you build is with yourself.

At nearly 30, my world turned upside down when he came into the world. I quit my job to stay at home full time. I soon found myself in a personal crisis, looking for a lifeline. 

I found that lifeline in personal development. I read all the books—the rags to riches stories, the American dream stories, the spiritual, emotional, and physical transformation stories, and more. They were all stories about “becoming.”

My mindset journey started with the birth of my medically fragile son.

With all this introspection, you’d think I would have had no problem starting a business. As I tried to grow my business, I had all this knowledge, but mental roadblocks and fear kept me from acting. I realized I needed to take a holistic approach and get the bottom of the mental hurdles I was facing to truly fix the problems my business was facing. 

I can’t tell you how much time and money I saved solving the deeper issues at play first.

The proven Breakthrough Method helped me—and will help you—address and solve problems through a simple set of prompts. It creates a clear path from your current problem or frustration and connects it to the root belief that’s driving it. Through this method, you’ll learn problems are unique, but the anatomy of a problem is not. You will discover that with the right mindset you are fully capable of solving problems on your own.

We achieve what we believe we are capable of. 

With all this personal development knowledge at my fingertips, I wondered why I didn’t have it all together. Then I realized it’s not because I lack knowledge or access to knowledge, it’s because I’m not acting. I call this the “action gap.” 

We achieve what we believe we are capable of. 

That means if we don’t believe in ourselves, we won’t act.  

Toward the end of my crisis, I joined a business mastermind group and noticed many of the women were stuck in the action gap. I set up calls with these women to help them get to the root of these issues. Almost every time we uncovered those issues in less than 20 minutes.  

If you’re feeling stuck in your business, let go of the idea that you don’t know enough. Through the Breakthrough Method, you’ll embrace the idea of becoming the person your business needs. Then you’ll take that scary next step, let go of old fears, be brave enough to make an impact, and find real success. 

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