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Trading Your Busy Badge for Balance: 8 Easy Business Shifts

September 26, 2023

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Hey Friend! It's no secret that as a business owner, you wear a million hats. From overseeing the nitty-gritty details of your business to ensuring everything runs smoothly at home, you're an ultimate multitasker. But who says managing your business, family, and personal life can't feel a little less like a juggling act?

Here's a few of my top tips on managing your business, family and personal life to get more done and - you guessed it - have a little more fun along the way!

Make Friends with the "No" Word

The power of 'No' is often underrated, isn’t it? Saying 'no' more often has the power to grant yourself the freedom to say 'yes' to what truly resonates with your heart and goals. How about listing out commitments that no longer serve you? The next time they pop up, muster the courage to say "no thanks!". It's about setting boundaries around what you value and using your time commitments to reflect that. Allowing you to focus on ALL the things that truly matter to you— your business, your relationships, and not forgetting the wonderful you.

Delegate Like a Queen

Queens don’t do everything on their own; they delegate. After you've evaluated what tasks are actually worth keeping, see what tasks that others in your team or at home can potentially take care of. Create a list categorizing tasks based on who can manage them best. Initially, letting go might feel a little scary (I'm looking at you my fellow control freaks), especially if you're used to handling everything. But outsourcing and delegating are not signs of weakness; they're the mark of a wise leader. Sharing responsibilities means you also get to share victories, which is always more fun!

Self-Care isn't Selfish

Friends, taking care of yourself isn't a luxury; it's essential. Your well-being is the foundation for everything you set out to do. This doesn’t mean you need lavish spa sessions daily. Realistically, it can look like a short morning meditation, a dance break during the day, or a skincare ritual before bedtime. Discover those little moments of happiness and enjoy them.

Time for What Matters

Time off should be joyful not stressful! Incorporate rituals that light up your day. Maybe it's a Saturday pancake breakfast with family or a backyard picnic with friends. During these moments, be genuinely present. Put away distractions and soak in the love and chatter.

Celebrate the Small Wins

In our busy lives, we sometimes forget to acknowledge the tiny victories. Whenever you achieve something, no matter how small, celebrate it. These moments of joy motivate you to keep reaching higher.

Schedule Me-Time

Things in your planner tend to get done, right? Dedicate specific slots for 'me-time'. Whether it's diving into a hobby, binge-watching a series, or a peaceful park stroll, put it on your schedule. This precious time is where you recharge and prepare to tackle another day.

Fun in Business? Yes, Please!

Who decided business meetings can't be fun? Introduce playful elements into your work life. Maybe have a playlist that pumps you up or take a day to work outside. A fun environment often translates to a productive one.

Stop the Glorification of Busy

Busy isn't a badge I want you to wear. Being perpetually busy isn't the goal. Instead of an endless to-do list, focus on a targeted list that reflects your values and where you want to focus your time and energy. Prioritize tasks, discerning between what’s urgent and what's truly important. Embrace the 'smart worker' approach, merging productivity with tranquility.

teila23-0093 (1)

Imagine: A successful business, quality relationships, and a rewarding personal life, all sprinkled with joy and laughter. It sounds dreamy, right?

But here's the thing, with the right support and strategies, you canhave harmony in managing your business, family, personal life and in all the things you are trying to accomplish!

Want to Dive Deeper?

If I've piqued your curiosity and you're interested in exploring further, I have just the thing for you - my VIP 1-1 Coaching Program, designed exclusively for ambitious women business owners like you.

Imagine a companion guiding you through the intricacies of how to create both a business and a personal life that feel rich and fulfilling. That’s what you get with this coaching experience.

You’ve achieved success; now let’s craft a lifestyle that mirrors it. Because you, dear, deserve the absolute best.

I love your face!
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P.S. In case you missed it, get your Unshakeable Confidence Journal here and start your transformative journey today. Remember, balance isn't about lessening your load but about handling it with grace and intention.

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